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  Title: Start up strategy
Apr 12, 2014 - 1:05 am
Posted By: Griever

What's up? Griever here. I came in first last round but didn't make profile in time in order to register and log it in my stats. Anyway I wanted to make somewhat of a start guide for players since a lot of players, new and experienced, fail to realize the full potential of their first 8,000 turns once signing up to play.

When you first log on to play, you have very limited credits and are in a pioneer ship. What I do is buy some engines and very little hull (save 4-5 million credits) then proceed to hunt for either a communication satellite port, or a construction equipment port. If your extremely lucky you may find one of these ports with an adjacent port buying those along with a two way link. If you don't find a buying port for your Satellite/CE port immediately next to it, you can use any adjacent sector with two way warp link to move a few sectors over looking for buying ports.

It is much better to hunt for Satellite, Construction Equipment, and use more than 1,000 turns doing so rather than trade Organics, goods, ore.

Lets say you stumble upon a satellite port after just starting to play as shown in the image above. Let us also say that none of the sectors leading from P50F7J7 has a port which will buy satellites. You can still possibly find a port that buys the satellites a few warp links over. Just start from the top sector (S04113A), scan it to see if a link back to P50F7J7 exists and warp there, then scan the links looking for ports that may buy while having two-way path back to the satellite sector.

If you do find a satellite or Construction eq. port that has a two way warp link to another port right beside it, then it is easier since you can set up a trade route using the warp option (not realspace), as it will take awhile before you can real space anywhere without using too many turns. With a trade route set up and a pioneer with 150 level hull, I would trade until I have the 1 Billion credits for an endeavor plus a 160 hull/engine level. Lets just say 1,200,000,000 credits.

By having to use the manual way of trading, eg., warping across several sectors from Satellite/Construction eq. to find a buying port, I would just trade like that until I had enough to buy a colombus. This is because manual trading is a tedious chore to do trying to accumulate over a billion credits. But only takes 150 million credits to start getting the hull levels (engines) you need on a colombus which only costs 75 million for the ship itself. Upgrade your hull level in increments of 10 as soon as you have enough for next level, ie., 180,190,200.

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